CEP - US - we package radioactive waste once, and we do it right.
Introducing the CEP-US High Security Container: the HSC
The sturdy CEP-HSC is the best choice for the intruder resistant containment of high security or precious inventory. This container would be well suited for the Departments of Defense, Energy, or other government departments, their contractors, and private or public companies who need to contain potentially dangerous or precious inventory in a cost effective manner.
CEP-US Vision
CEP - US developed the vision to stop putting excess radioactive material in the ground and to store it permanently above ground in monitored retrievable storage facilities.
Best Documented Durable Concrete in the World - Secure Long-life Containment of Radioactive Waste
DURABLE CONCRETE: Recently our firm, CEP-US was asked by the DOE...
New Low Cost Durable Concrete Containers for Onsite Storage
These Low Cost Onsite Containers are all constructed from A+ durable concrete and can be custom sized  Long term financing is available for large scale projects...
Invest in the Future of Radwaste Containment - consider becoming a CEP - US Investor or Strategic Partner today!
Invest in the future of radwaste containment - contact CEP-US today and we will discuss available equity 

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The CEP Container System - an overview



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Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.