New Low Cost Durable Concrete Containers for Onsite Storage

These Low Cost Onsite Containers are all constructed from A+ durable concrete and can be custom sized to meet the customer's needs. The suggested size is 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 3 feet 8 and 3/4 inches high, the same external dimensions as the CEP - US DOT Box. This size compatibility allows for convenient stack-ability in CEP above ground storage systems. Long term financing available for large scale projects: low up-front costs.


Extremely long service life: 500 or more years

Very sturdy and fire resistant container: cost effective security

Building block in an above ground storage facility

Good intrinsic shielding

Cost effective: competitive volume and weight capacity, small footprint

Stacking stability and easily retrieved

CEP - US Boxes can be fabricated on-site for local employment and customer convenience.

The CEP Onsite Containers are not suitable for offsite transportation

  Low Cost CEP Cube, Box, Why choose CEP Containers?

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Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.
Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.