CEP-US is a Washington State, US based company offering durable concrete containment systems with a service life of 500 or more years, durable concrete, and engineering services to the International Radioactive Waste Management Community.

In the year 2500, radioactive waste packaged in CEP - US super durable containers will still be safely contained and stacked in above ground, monitored retrieveable facilities. At CEP - US we want radioactive waste to be contained safely for a long time, we also want it retrievable in case we find a use for it.

A packaging is only as good as its shell - all CEP - US super durable boxes and vaults are constructed from an exceptional concrete that is 25 times more durable than standard concrete. 'The development of this durable concrete has resulted from a major Canadian concrete research program, conducted over 10 years. The research involved the manufacture of 20 different qualities of concrete and testing of over 1,500 concrete and 1,000 mortar specimens. The concrete specimens were subjected to diffusion testing in baths containing aggressive chemical ions and ionic combinations. The durability (service life) indicators were based on the chemical resistance of the concrete specimens, where the corrosion of the reinforcing steel was considered to be the determinant failure mechanism for concrete. The laboratory testing indicates that the AECL concrete could have an engineered service life of over 500 years even when subjected to an aggressive service environment.'  All our packagings will be manufactured from this high quality concrete technology. A specific formula can be tailored to the particular demands of each Radwaste Storage Site: exceptional concrete - exceptional service.

CEP - US Department Of Transport (DOT) Boxes are multipurpose containers, ideal for on and off-site transportation as well as storage units. CEP - US Boxes are also the building blocks of our storage facilities - a building block with a payload - no additional structural buildings are necessary. A modular roof can be anchored to the packagings if desired.

CEP - US Boxes are all designed to be retrievable whenever a need arises. In today's market some radioactive waste has value. In the future as advances are made in reprocessing technology, it's very likely the value of some radwaste will increase. It is essential to have access to this product. CEP - US DOT Boxes are retrievable and can be safely transported if necessary for reprocessing.

With the CEP - US Packaging Group the future of radioactive waste is secure.

CEP-US Above Ground MRS - Model

New Low Cost Durable Concrete Containers for Onsite Storage


Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.
Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.