500+ years of useful service life
Best Documented Durable Concrete in the World - Secure, Long-Life Containment of Radioactive Waste


Recently our firm, CEP-US was asked by the DOE at Savannah River to give a presentation on durable concrete as a remediation solution. This presentation was well received. Why was CEP-US asked to give a presentation on durable concrete, after all many large precast concrete firms have durable concrete capability - the answer - extensive documentation - the best in the world.  This documentation will aid in fast tracking approval from regulators, reassure concerned citizens that CEP/AECL durable concrete is the best choice for radwaste structures, and finally, CEP/AECL durable concrete makes economic sense even if you don't factor in 500+ years of useful service life. CEP and partner AECL can tailor a durable concrete formula to maximize its lifetime for your specific site resulting in concrete having 25 times the durability of standard concrete at a very competitive price and provide comprehensive documentation that will aid in the approval process.

Best Choice for Above Ground Monitored Retrievable Facility

CEP/AECL Durable concrete, with a documented lifetime of 500 years or more, is the best choice for above ground radioactive waste depository and for the individual storage containers used for disposal. CEP-US has patented designs of durable concrete containers with special interlocking features, which provide easy and very stable stack-ability. In addition these containers meet the Department of Transportation requirements for Type A containers so they can be shipped from the waste generators site to the disposal site, thus avoiding any repackaging expense.

AECL/CEP-US Concrete

New Low Cost Durable Concrete Containers for Onsite Storage



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Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.