Vitrification Container CEP VIT-PAC
Vitrification of certain radioactive waste streams has been considered for some time. CEP-US is pleased to offer the radioactive waste management community our VIT-PAC. The outer shell of the CEP-US vitrification container system is constructed from super durable concrete to insure extremely long service life - 500 years or more. The inner liner of the VIT-PAC is fabricated from high integrity refractory heat shielding material. The CEP DOT Cube and Box would be good choices for ease of handling, transportation and long-term storage in a CEP Above Ground Monitored Retrievable Storage Facility. VIT-PACs can also be sized on a case-by-case basis for customer convenience. We at CEP-US look forward to turning a tested concept into a practical solution - the CEP VIT-PAC - optimizing the vitrification option.

CEP VIT-PAC Advantages

Outer shell constructed from durable concrete for extremely long life - 500 or more years of safe storage

Multipurpose CEP DOT VIT-PACs offer ease of handling, transportation and storage

Very sturdy fire and intruder resistant container: cost effective security

VIT-PACs can be accommodated in any CEP Above Ground Storage Facility

Stack-ability and Small footprint

Can be constructed on-site for customer convenience and local employment

CEP VIT-PACs - optimizing vitrification



Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.
Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.