A+ Durable Concrete 

Due to environmental questions associated with permanent storage sites, extended on-site storage has become a reality. For public safety and long term cost effectiveness it is essential to extend the service life of on-site containment structures. The use of  A+ Concrete allows CEP to accomplish this goal.

CEP Strategic Partnering with AECL A+: the best documented durable concrete in the world.

The development of this durable concrete is the result of a concrete research program, conducted over 10 years by AECL Team Leader Ken Philipose and a group of dedicated scientists and engineers. The AECL durable concrete is the best documented concrete in the world. This documentation is essential in reassuring your customers of the long life component in CEP Containment Systems and will certainly aid in the approval process. A specific formula will be tailored to the particular demands of each Radioactive Waste Storage Site or site anomaly. CEP strategic partner, AECL and their engineers play a key role in this procedure.

CEP / AECL Durable concrete is the best choice for:

Containment of radioactive waste site anomalies

Nuclear Power Plant spent fuel bays and other on-site containment structures.

Multipurpose containers - containers suitable for long term on-site storage of radioactive waste and transportation to permanent storage sites when and if they become available in the future: no repackaging costs. 


Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.
Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.