Products and Services
Containment Systems Containment Systems
CEP - US offers a wide range of radioactive waste containment systems. Our engineers can design containment systems for site anomalies, containers for specific purposes such as spent fuel bays. We also offer multipurpose packagings - secure, sturdy, fire and intruder resistant containers that can be used for both on and offsite transportation and long-term storage. Whatever your containment needs - CEP - US will take care of them - quality products and services at the best price possible. 

Long term financing is available for large scale projects.

A+ Durable Concrete A+ Durable Concrete
Due to environmental questions associated with permanent storage sites, extended on-site storage has become a reality. For public safety and long term cost effectiveness it is essential to extend the service life of containment structures.
A+ Engineering and Consulting Services A+ Engineering and Consulting Services
CEP - US, and our Associate Companies offer a wide variety of innovative engineering and consulting services in all phases of radioactive waste management.


Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.
Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.