CEP - US is a Washington State, US based company offering durable concrete containment systems with a service life of 500 or more years, durable concrete, and engineering services to the International Radioactive Waste Management Community.
Invest in the Future of Radioactive Waste Containment -  become a Major CEP Investor or Strategic Partner today!

If you as an individual or corporation have a proven history of providing innovative services  and or products internationally to the nuclear nations or the US DOE, DOD, their contractors, or nuclear utilities, consider becoming an important player as a CEP - US Major Investor or a Strategic Partners. 

The CEP Container System is very versatile: more

Radioactive NIMBY helps CEP - Due to environmental questions associated with permanent storage sites, extended on-site storage has become a reality. For public safety and long term cost effectiveness it is essential to extend the service life of on-site containment structures. The use of  A+ Concrete allows CEP to accomplish this goal. more

Create Local Jobs - CEP Containers can be fabricated on-site for local employment and customer convenience.

Low-Level Radioactive Waste Crisis in the Making - A new radioactive-waste crisis is about to go critical the scheduled closing of a commercial low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) processing facility in Barnwell, S.C. more..

Once the DOE community in the US and other Nuclear Nations realize that burying or packaging radioactive waste in temporary metal containers poses too high a risk to our environment, the potential demand for CEP Boxes, Cubes and long-life concrete is staggering. Let's work to protect our children and grandchildren - the future generations.

Major Investor - there is tremendous untapped market potential at international radioactive waste or US DOE sites to store radioactive waste above ground in long life concrete packages. For qualified investors, market data papers are available.

An Introduction to CEP Containers:

 CEP Technical Presentation 


Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.
Containment for Environmental Protection - US Inc.